Ben Koehler, Noelle Pickard, Elizabeth Williamson, Jason Zhou, Lauren Zhou

Sound recording of a peaceful, late-morning walk along West Side Atlanta's Proctor Creek Greenway, with the sounds of birds singing. Also included are sounds made by a backpack rubbing against polyester athletic shorts. The warm songs of the birds welcome visitors to continue walking along the pathway to explore where it leads to. Recorded with Sony PCM-M10 recorder and an Electro-Voice RE50B omnidirectional dynamic microphone.

Daisy Zhou

Proctor Creek Greenway and its lush greenery provide a temporary escape from the busy streets of Atlanta, as the natural sounds of birds chirping and footsteps can be heard in the background. Yet, the sound of the airplane flying over in the audio recording is a gentle reminder of how close the trail is to the city. With Emerald Corridor Foundation's future plans and its close proximity, the Greenway will be accessible to and from the heart of Atlanta, creating a safe pathway between itself and Georgia Tech's Kendeda Living Building. Recorded with the Zoom H5 Recorder and Rode NTG2 Shotgun Condenser Microphone. 

Sound recording at the water fountain in CULC, Georgia Tech. Recorded on Thursday night after an exam held in the auditorium. Recorded with iPhone 6 and polished by Audacity.

IBB Atrium.jpg
Eric Biederman

Recording of scurrying footsteps, slam of locking building door, constant noise of the coffee stand's refrigerator case, and distant sounds of conversation and air conditioning.

ArjunSinh Nakum

Breathing Footsteps - Sound of Heavy breathing along with Running Footsteps on stairs of an emergency evacuation route. An Additional background noise of rushing heartbeats.

Device: Voice is recorded using iPhone 7 (2017 Model): 

  1. Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
  2. Loudspeaker: Voice 67dB, Noise 73dB, Ring 75dB
  3. Audio quality: Noise -92.4dB, Crosstalk -80.9dB

Method of Recording: Running down the stairs with iPhone's base (recorder) Close to heart.


  1. Format                                   : Wave
  2. File size                                 : 14.7 MiB
  3. Duration                                : 20s 21ms
  4. Overall bit rate mode           : Constant
  5. Overall bit rate                      : 6 144 Kbps
  6. Album                                    : Emergengy Evacuation
  7. Track name                           : Breathing Footsteps
  8. Track name/Position             : 001
  9. Performer                               : ArjunSinh Nakum
  10. Director                                  : ArjunSinh Nakum
  11. Recorded date                       : 2018
  12. Original source form/Name  : Emergengy Evacuation
  13. Comment                                : Background HeartBeats
  14. ITRK                                         : 001
  15. Format                                     : PCM
  16. Format settings                       : Little / Signed
  17. Codec ID                                 : 1
  18. Duration                                  : 20s 21ms
  19. Bit rate mode                          : Constant
  20. Bit rate                                     : 6 144 Kbps
  21. Channel(s)                               : 1 channel
  22. Sampling rate                         : 384 KHz
  23. Bit depth                                 : 16 bits
  24. Stream size                             : 14.7 MiB (100%)
Akanksha Jhunjhunwala

Recording of footsteps at West Village, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, with the chattering of students in the background. Recorded on an iPhone 7.

Adam Voight, Gravel

Walking on gravel in a park of Richmond Virginia during a cold morning. Recorded using a Zoom H1 audio recorder on stereo mode. The sound of the gravel can be heard lightly under the sound of other small brush plant life.

Adam Voight, Oak Tree

Dried Oak tree leaves being crunched by a light foot in Richmond Virginia on one of the old slave trails. Captured during late Fall season. Recorded by a Zoom H1 audio recording device.

Gideon Tamir

Sound recording of the Oberlin College Science Center right before morning classes. Recorded on an iPhone 5S The sound of innumerable conversations echo in the large space that is encapsulated by the Oberlin College Science Center is supported by the countless footsteps that hit the shiny floors with unwavering consistency.

Samir Husain, Oberlin College

Sound recording of a hallway in a building with classrooms at Oberlin College. Recorded by a Samsung Galaxy S5