Scott M. Finney

Sound recording of moving foliage before grasping the base of vegetable roots and picking the plants from a garden bed in winter. Captures the struggle of removing the firmly entrenched roots from the soil, their habitat. Recorded on an Iphone 6s.

Harrison Broyles

A Furman student drinking from a water fountain in a Lakeside Lounge and the resulting cooling mechanisms produced by the fountain.

Tyah Hunter; Extended Stay America Microwave

A sound recording of me pushing buttons on a hotel microwave to set the clock to 3 seconds. The microwave went for the total time and then I pressed the clear button. Recorded on an iPhone 7.

Nino Kodua

This is a sound recording of a borscht soup (a beet soup frequently consumed in the Slavic countries) being cooked with the lid off. The stove was on the high heat. You can hear the sound of the metal pan and stove in the background. It was recorded with a Zoom H4N recorder.

Savannah Wright

A fast food (Chick-Fil-A) drive-thru worker asking to take an order at a drive-thru window.