Jerishma Patel, Ana Galvez

Recording of the the crunching sound of someone eating a pita chip. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Jenny Luo

Sound recording of the self-sealing spout of an upright 32 oz. Gatorade Squeeze Water Bottle filled a quarter of the way with water being squeezed to release the air in the bottle. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Me on April 1st 2015 (Ripped from Youtube)Youtube Creator on July 7 2012 (Original Video Recording)

This is the sound of someone eating tortilla chips. The sound was ripped from a Youtube video.

Deeksha Malhotra

Sound recording of an individual thirstily gulping water from a bottle in one breath. Recorded on an iPhone 5C.

Jee Yoon, Mitchell Kim

A Duke University student slurping down a Hello Kitty Jelly handed out by the Audiovisuality course professor, standing outside the Smith Warehouse.

Grace Kweon

A recording of an egg cooking on a hot frying pan laced with oil.

Grace Kweon

A microwave reheating leftovers from the night before.

Bradley Sykes

Audio recording of the cacophonous squawking produced by chickens kept in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Allen Zhou

Sound recording of a person chewing cereal. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder

Albones Barbecue

Sound recording of neckbones, a brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, and rib tips being cooked on an open bit barbecue. Open pit barbecue involves slowly smoking the meat, having the meat juices drop into the heat source, and then allowing the smoke to come back up and infuse the meat with the flavor.