Julia Piotrowski (recorder)
Un-named baby (sound producer)

Sound recording of a healthy three-month old male drinking five ounces of Holle Goat Stage 1 Organic Infant Formal powdered goat's milk from a bottle with a silicone nipple. The sound was recorded at approximately 1:00 pm in a residential home in Travelers Rest, SC and was the infant’s third bottle of the day. All bottles consumed prior were made from the same powdered goat’s milk. As he is allergic to breast milk, this will continue to be his primary source of nutrition until he matures enough to eat semi-solid and solid food. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder. 

Lucette Sylvain

Sound recording of hot oil popping, the cutting of plantains on a wooden cutting board then placing the pieces of plantains into the oil.

Marlena Ashby

Crumbling up and crunching a paper wrapper from a McDonald's burger. Recorded on iPhone6s.

Kellie Caracofe

The sound is a bag of Orville Redenbacher's brand Kettle corn popping inside a microwave. The sound was recorded on an H1 zoom mic with stereo recording

Porcia Ester

Ever wondered what it sounds like to hear a crunch up close? The sensational, tingling feeling that you may feel and hear from each chip being eaten has a loud, hallow crunch after every few bites. If you listen closely, you will even be able to hear the swallowing of each chip going down and the uniqueness of how chewing each bite may sound like.

Kellie Caracofe

The sound includes the Breath Savers container being opened, a mint being grabbed then put in a person's mouth, and finally, the container being shut. The sound was recorded on an H1 Zoom mic in a VCU dorm room.

Leila Hashemi

Well anticipated sound of the microwave oven going off. Recorded with a ZOOM H4 recorder.

Allison Martin
Anne Kirk Terry

This is a sound recording of my friend Anne Kirk Terry, opening the bag and eating a snack size bag of Lays salt and vinegar potato chips on the second level of James Branch Cabell Library at Virginia Commonwealth University.  This was recorded on the Zoom H4N Pro audio recorder.


Mehreen Shafqat

Una cliente pide una quesadilla del cajero en Cosmic Cantina, una restaurante en Durham, NC (A customer orders a quesadilla from the cashier at Cosmic Cantina in Durham, NC)

Jordan Richardson

This recording was taken in the left wing of Marketplace Dining Hall on Duke University East Campus at 7:45 on a Tuesday in October of 2015. In the recording you will hear the clinking of dishes, people talking, and music in the background.