Trey Burnart Hall

Sound recording of a 1926 Vega Tenor Banjo plucked between the bridge and saddle in 16 bit WAV format on a Zoom H6. This four stringed instrument is made of wood, hide, and metal hardware. The saddle is the metal base for the ends of each string to rest in and the bridge is a wooden piece that strings vibrate upon between the saddle where the opposite end of each string wraps around a tuning peg. The instrument is generally played in Dixieland Jazz and Irish Jigs. This sound recording is included because I often pluck this section of the banjo in between songs. It reminds me of a plunky wind chime.

John R. "Johnny" CashProduced by Rick Rubin

An excerpt from "God's Gonna Cut You Down." Johnny Cash's rendition of the traditional folk song "Run On." The song was recorded in 2003, and released posthumously in 2006 on his album, American V: A Hundred Highways.

Blind Boys of Alabama

Excerpt from the Blind Boys of Alabama's 2001 song, "Run On For a Long Time," on their album Spirit of the Century. The song is a gospel rendition of the traditional folk song "Run On."