Allie Braun

This recording was created in an attempt to think about the sounds fish live in. It was taken right outside The David E. Shi Center for Sustainability in the Koi pond. You are able to hear the vibrations created by someone walking along the path there as well as the brief sound of a fish.

Peyton Volman

Audio of an open freshwater fishing reel being reeled in by hand. The ringing noise is the open reel spinning on the rod. The other noise is the crank that is connected to the real which makes the reel spin. Recorded on a H1 Zoom audio recording device

Rev. Harden W. Stuckey (Performer), Herbert Halpert (Recorder)

Sound recording of a South Carolinian imitating the cries of a merchant from his hometown. Catchy tunes such as these were a common form of advertising in a society without digital media or amplification.