Albones Barbecue

Sound recording of neckbones, a brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, and rib tips being cooked on an open bit barbecue. Open pit barbecue involves slowly smoking the meat, having the meat juices drop into the heat source, and then allowing the smoke to come back up and infuse the meat with the flavor.

Frank Bry

Sound recording of a circular saw mill cutting cedar logs.

David Stluka

Sound recording of tobacco growers in Stoughton, Wisconsin, using a small axe to cut down tobacco plants in preparation for harvesting.

Hayley Shaffer

Sound recording of an isolated pine tree swaying in the wind on a stormy, overcast day at Duke University.

Colby Johnson

Sound recording of an industrial train approaching the Duke University campus.

Frank Bry

Sound recording of a Mossberg 590 shotgun firing three shots. The recording was done using a Sennheiser MKH-8040ST rig that was set up on the front porch of a house as the shots were fired from behind the house.

YouTube contributor Spikermachine

Sound recording (taken from an informational video) of tobacco growers employing a 'Burley Spiker' machine to easily cure harvested plants by bundling and stacking tobacco plants on a spike.

Abdul Salaam El Razzac (soloist); James Horner (music producer)

The sound recording is of the song "Oh, My Lord" from the motion picture "Glory." The recording is a portrayal of a pre-battle song by the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, one of the first African American units during the Civil War, before their attack on Fort Wagner. The song is comprised of vocalists, tambourines, and harmonicas.