Nathan Backman

I am fascinated by love, because I myself have never been experienced it. I was curious as to what love meant to someone who has actually been in love with someone. In an open area I asked my friend what love meant to her and how she would describe it.

Jerishma Patel, Ashley Ericson

Ashley Ericson explains how using different speech volumes can help create emotion in acting. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Jerishma Patel

Recording of a scene excerpt from a movie version of the play Hedda Gabler. This excerpt exemplifies the character's frustration with her marriage. Recorded from YouTube.

Jerishma Patel, Ashely Ericson

Ashley Ericson describes the technique she uses to act out the "lower" emotions, including frustration.

Jerishma Patel, Ashely Ericson, Peyton Dilweg

Sound recording of Ashley Ericson, an acting student, and her scene partner Peyton Dilweg performing a scene from the play Hedda Gabler. This scene involves a performance of frustration. Recorded on an zoom H4N.

Destiny Hemphill

Sound recording on Zoom audio recorder of Destiny Hemphill performing spoken word poetry and receiving snaps from the audience as a form of appreciation.

Yutong Cao and Professor Robinson

A professional violin player talk about the use of glissandos in both violin playing and opera singing. We think glissandos often represents crying, teasing and funny in music.

Shafali Jalota (singer)Tierney Marey (recorder)

Shafali UNC Music Voice major demonstrating how emotion can be communicated through an operatic voice. Zoom H4N