Claire Pullan

Sound recording of an individual receiving an e-mail while typing out an e-mail on their keyboard at an office at the Savannah River Site. Sound byte was recorded on Han4 Pro Zoom in Stereo. 


Michael Grossman

A brief audio excerpt exported from one of my songs, which is mainly just an original piano riff which I altered, and added glitching effects to. There is also added bass and percussion. Song was made through the program FL Studio.

Song Link: https://soundcloud.com/buscatijones/osngs

Vitoria Garcia

This recording was taken in a bathroom at the James B. Cabell Library at 8:30 PM on a Thursday in February of 2018. In the recording, you will hear the sound of paper towels being dispensed from an electronic paper towel dispenser, and being used to dry the hands of a teenager. This sound was recorded with an iPhone 7 and was edited with Audacity.

David Baker

This is the sound of an Xbox One video game console turning on. The noise is being generated by a speaker within the system's internal hardware. There is slight interference from the air. Recorded with a CAD u37.

Sam Watson

This is the sound of a Bissell vacuum being pushed forward and pulled back on a carpet. Then the vacuum is turned off and the sound of it shutting down can be heard. Recorded on a Zoom H1. 

Katherine Livingston

Sound recording of human user asking Siri - an electronic assistant on the Apple Inc. iPhone - "Why is the sky blue?" Siri replies with an uninformative answer after a lengthy pause. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.

Katherine Livingston

Sound recording of human voice using Siri assistant feature on iPhone. In this instance, the user asks Siri what the weather is like. She finds a forecast through Thursday for Durham, NC. The recording took place using a Zoom Recorder placed between the human voice and the iPhone. Siri quickly responds to the users question in an electronic monotone.

Mikayla Shatley

Recording of backgrounds sounds of people's talk and music at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina.