Sound Producer: Steve Doten using the Hamilton Beach 74250 Electric Knife
Recorder: Madeline Doten

The sound of an electric turkey carver shaving off pieces of white meat and dark meat to be eaten for the Thanksgiving meal. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder

The audio captures a sound of an electric woodcutter cutting a piece of wood in the Invention Studio Makerspace of Georgia Institute of Technology. The Invention Studio is a student-run space opened to all Georgia Tech students that invites innovation and design. The primary sound that is captured is the sound of the wood cutter as it is turned on and gradually powered off.  The secondary sound is the sound of the contact between the woodcutter and a piece of wood as the wood is cut on a counter. The sound is recorded by an Iphone 7s with plugged in apple headphones.

Michael Grossman

A short guitar riff I made for one of my songs. Recorded through my iPhone 6s. Electric ESP LTD Guitar, amplified through a Line 6 amplifier. Location - bedroom. Soundcloud: BuscatiJones - Thanks, https://soundcloud.com/buscatijones/thanks

Brian Lin

Two 130 size motors revving up to speed. The motors are powered by two 4.2V lithium cells. Recording done with a Zoom H4N.