Ecological Thought

stairs picture .jpg
Hannah Gibson

This sound is the sound recording of two females walking up a few stairs and then walking back down. This sound was recorded to be representative of the fact that our society does not realize how loud we can become with our walking and modes of transportation. These are stairs at Furman University, and students walk up and down stairs every day. You could even go as far to say that this could represent the fact that we take for granted how accessible everything is to us with the invention of stairs. 

John Williams

Pop music is used as background music in the food court setting. Sizzling is heard from chicken being cooked on a grill. A women says "what can we get for you", as ambient noises fill the room. People are heard speaking, because of the assembly produced by the food court. 

Jessica Culbreth

Sound recording of an adult cat eating kibble. The cat chirps and purrs throughout the sound recording along with the crunching of the kibble and other mouth sounds. (Cat Eating)

Andrew Wynkoop

Sound recording of the process of eating ice cream, including opening the container, a metal spoon hitting the table, scooping the ice cream, chewing, and re-sealing the container. Recorded using a Zoom H4n sound recorder.

Samuel J. Beasley

Sound recording of someone sipping liquid from a cup through a straw in the Furman University dining hall. Recorded using a Zoom H4n sound recorder.  

Camiell Foulger

A sound created through the use of a whisk brushing against the inside of a metal pot repeatedly in a circular motion. 

Julia Piotrowski (recorder)
Un-named baby (sound producer)

Sound recording of a healthy three-month old male drinking five ounces of Holle Goat Stage 1 Organic Infant Formal powdered goat's milk from a bottle with a silicone nipple. The sound was recorded at approximately 1:00 pm in a residential home in Travelers Rest, SC and was the infant’s third bottle of the day. All bottles consumed prior were made from the same powdered goat’s milk. As he is allergic to breast milk, this will continue to be his primary source of nutrition until he matures enough to eat semi-solid and solid food. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder. 

Amie Newsome

This sound is a recording of a Furman University student at the PalaDen sipping his iced cold soda drink. The PalaDen or what students call the PDen offers a variety of food options including: Chick-Fil-A, Moe's, Sweet n' Savory, and Maru Sushi. The PalaDen serves as a grab and go food option for busy college students to fuel up for their rigorous studies.