Ecological Thought

Jessica Culbreth

Sound of initial rinsing, scrubbing, and rinsing off of a pan in a kitchen sink. 

Samuel Jordan Beasley

Bread Crackling while it cools immediately after being baked at David Eubanks home. Recorded using an IPhone 8 and edited in audacity.   

Sound Producer: Steve Doten using the Hamilton Beach 74250 Electric Knife
Recorder: Madeline Doten

The sound of an electric turkey carver shaving off pieces of white meat and dark meat to be eaten for the Thanksgiving meal. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder

Voice: Unnamed Female Moe's Employee
Recorder: Olivia Oliver, Furman University

 An employee of the Furman University Moe's saying the company's signature catchphrase, "Welcome to Moe's!" and "What can I do for you?" while a grill sizzles fresh meat for the customer's burrito in the background. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder. 

Eileen Joseph; garbage truck operator

Sound recording of a garbage truck emptying a dumpster full of trash on a rainy day. The waste collected was outside of a residence hall on Furman University's campus. The waste was created by college students and accumulated over a week. Recorded with a Zoom sound recorder.

Catherine Lippert

Sound recording of a raw egg being cracked on a glass cup. Then the cracked shell is pulled apart and the raw yolk falls into the cup. Recorded on a Zoom sound recorder.

Julia Collins
Mia (Domestic cat)

Sound recording of a domestic cat eating dinner. A bowl is put down for a cat’s dinner. The cat is one year old and is eating dry food. She occasionally turns around to sniff the phone. She grunts a little while she eats as she was very hungry and is eating quickly. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Drew Davis

Sounds of trash being disposed of in a trash can within a resident hall. The composition of the trash is paper, plastic, cardboard, and crumbs of food being dumped into a recycling bin.  Recorded with a zoom recorder.

Sydney Tanner

Sound recording of a pot of boiling water on an electric kitchen stove. Listeners can hear the sound of bubbles rising and bursting as well as the energetic movement of water within the pot. The pot was half full of water and the stove was on high heat. Recorded using a Tascam DR-40. 

Rebecca Wilhelmi

Sound recording of biting into and chewing a Granny Smith Apple. The apple is being eaten in a college dorm room at Furman University. One bite of the apple is being taken, then the bite is chewed and swallowed. Recorded with a Zoom H4n sound recorder.