Sara Vanovac

The process of unpacking and cutting chicken breasts is captured. The recording begins with the sounds of water running caused by a person washing their hands before cutting the chicken. Sounds that follow are the sound of the wrapping paper being unwrapped and the sound of the knife cutting through the chicken breasts. The sound was recorded in the kitchen of a Furman University student at the off-campus housing.

Knox Kiernan

Water from a faucet pouring into a sauce pan to be used for cooking. 

Elizabeth Mangone

Someone shaking mixed seeds from a plastic cup into coconut coir fiber soil. They then re-cover the seeds completely, patting the soil down on top. 

Maddy Leaman

Chocolate-covered espresso beans being scooped from a grocery store bulk section into a produce bag. Sound recorded at a snack section of an Ingles grocery store. The sound depicts a customer opening the snack container, grabbing and opening a produce bag, then scooping the chocolates into said bag.

Anonymous Goose
Zachary Hughes (Furman University)

This clip begins with an adult Canada goose flapping its wings to make the short descent from a stone retention wall into the water of Furman Lake. A splash of parting water is heard when the goose's body meets the surface of the lake. As the first descends into the water, another goose honks. Throughout the clip, another bird warbles in the background.

Jacob Gerber; Ingles Supermarket Employee

Sound recording of an Ingles supermarket employee working in the produce section husking corn for consumption. Corn husked using large scissors as the worker cut off each end of a stalk of corn and then proceeded to the next stalk of corn. Sound recorded using Zoom H4N Pro handy recorder. 

Amanda Fleming

A spatula flipping the buttered bread of a grilled cheese sandwich on a hot frying pan.