John Thomas Alexander

These sounds are from the Georgia Tech Glee Club singing "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles in an enclosed room at West Village of Georgia Tech. The way the sound is heard signals that it is inside of an enclosed room with a fairly small square footage. This can be understood because of the reverberations of the chorus sound waves bouncing off of the wall which creates this boxed in effect. The reverberations of sound create a slight echo that, although subtle, have a powerful ability to describe the room the singers are in. The audio was recorded using Voice Memos on an iPhone 6s.

An audio recording of the construction of an extension to the Boggs building, mimicking that of the construction of the KBISD. The construction worker was reversing a bulldozer over gravel back into place after a long days work. Recorded with a Sony ICD-PX470 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder.

Laura Perez, Bus (C1)

From the adjacent sidewalk, I took this sound recording of an articulated bus passing through the tunnel leading to Duke's East campus. The audio begins as the bus approaches the entrance of the tunnel. The noise intensifies as the bus proceeds to halfway point of the tunnel where I stood holding the mic and then fades as it exits. Recorded on iPhone 5.