Danielle Jameison; Wilson Ricketts; Duke Students

This is the sound of a cafeteria in the Divinity school. During the lunch hour, many conversations are occuring while occupants are sitting at long, narrow 8-person tables. The close proximity in which these discussions take place can still be heard as some get up to bus their plates and silverware before parting ways. Similar to the Divinity Cafe, hospital cafeterias are filled with a diverse array of personnel: physicians, nurses, other healthcare staff, patients, and families. These various groups might coexist in the same place, but they might bus their trays before ever intermingling. However, the shared eating space can still remind us of the communal aspects of healthcare.

Julia Collins
Mia (Domestic cat)

Sound recording of a domestic cat eating dinner. A bowl is put down for a cat’s dinner. The cat is one year old and is eating dry food. She occasionally turns around to sniff the phone. She grunts a little while she eats as she was very hungry and is eating quickly. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Rebecca Wilhelmi

Sound recording of biting into and chewing a Granny Smith Apple. The apple is being eaten in a college dorm room at Furman University. One bite of the apple is being taken, then the bite is chewed and swallowed. Recorded with a Zoom H4n sound recorder.

Andrew Wynkoop

Sound recording of the process of eating ice cream, including opening the container, a metal spoon hitting the table, scooping the ice cream, chewing, and re-sealing the container. Recorded using a Zoom H4n sound recorder.

Julia Piotrowski (recorder)
Un-named baby (sound producer)

Sound recording of a healthy three-month old male drinking five ounces of Holle Goat Stage 1 Organic Infant Formal powdered goat's milk from a bottle with a silicone nipple. The sound was recorded at approximately 1:00 pm in a residential home in Travelers Rest, SC and was the infant’s third bottle of the day. All bottles consumed prior were made from the same powdered goat’s milk. As he is allergic to breast milk, this will continue to be his primary source of nutrition until he matures enough to eat semi-solid and solid food. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder. 

Kellie Caracofe

The sound includes the Breath Savers container being opened, a mint being grabbed then put in a person's mouth, and finally, the container being shut. The sound was recorded on an H1 Zoom mic in a VCU dorm room.

Jane Harwell

Peeling an orange recorded with a Zoom m4n Handy Recorder. The recording includes general microphone noises.

Jordan Richardson

This recording was taken in the left wing of Marketplace Dining Hall on Duke University East Campus at 7:45 on a Tuesday in October of 2015. In the recording you will hear the clinking of dishes, people talking, and music in the background.

Jerishma Patel, Ana Galvez

Recording of the the crunching sound of someone eating a pita chip. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Me on April 1st 2015 (Ripped from Youtube)Youtube Creator on July 7 2012 (Original Video Recording)

This is the sound of someone eating tortilla chips. The sound was ripped from a Youtube video.