Kimberly Eddleman

Biddle's fountain was the only one on this page where distinct human influenced noise can be heard. Indistinguishable talking can be heard in the background. Also, the fountain sounds similar to some of the other insider water recordings on the page, but not the outside recordings on this page.

Kimberly Eddleman

The inside water recording is incredibly quiet, sounding like nothing more an a tiny trickle of water. Again, the small layer of water is enough to filter out the human voices, though.

Kimberly Eddleman

The small trickle of a stream can be heard and a noise that sounds similar to a whisper or wind. There is also a rumbling noise, perhaps from the bubbling of the waterfall. The knocking, it can be noted, is a result of the incredible shallowness of the water.

Kimberly Eddleman

The main waterfall at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham.

Kimberly Eddleman

Inside the water, the actual rock water can finally be heard, although the waterfall is still heard to some extent. The stream is quiet but swift.

Joon Cho

Early February, one cold afternoon, the low buzz of the generator fans, slightly masked by the wind, gets interrupted by the sound of airplane flying over, its decay to be accompanied by chirps of birds in the background.

Kimberly Eddleman

The water trickle inside the water mirrors the outside water trickle but quieter and gentler. It sounds similar to many of the other Duke Gardens water structures (with the exception of the Koi Pond). This recording is amplified 20.6X.

Amber Hall, Duke University

Sound recording of a man typing away furiously on his laptop in a hotel lobby. A vacuum can be heard in the background. Recorded on a Zoom H4N

Seung Hyun Lee

Sound recording of a person getting a snack out from a vending machine on the first floor of Durham Station. The person pressed on the buttons to select the snack, and the vending machine delivered the snack to the retrieving bin, finally dropping the snack to the bin. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.