Amber Hall, Duke University

Sound recording of a man typing away furiously on his laptop in a hotel lobby. A vacuum can be heard in the background. Recorded on a Zoom H4N

Will Stephens

Sound recording of the Duke University Men's Basketball strength coach describing the making of a protein smoothie in the kitchen. Recorded using a Zoom audio recorder.

Katherine Livingston

Sound recording of Siri giving directions to Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University. Siri is an electronic assistant feature of the Apple Inc. iPhone. She does not maintain the usual pronunciation of certain words. She calmly gives directions to the user without emotion. A Zoom Recorder was used.

Pawan Mathew, Bob Harris (sportscaster), Duke University Marching Band

Sound recording of the Duke vs. North Carolina State football game on 11/09/13 in which Duke won 38-20 by scoring 3 touchdown in 26 seconds in a thrilling fourth quarter.