Sammy Bernacki

Sound recording of a band, made up of Furman University Students, warming up for a small concert. The concert took place in a partially cleared-out forest in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

Dre Moon (Music Producer)

This is one of my favorite instrumentals ever. It has great sounds and is extremely relaxing. The lyrics in this song are done my Future and the song is called Hallucinating.

Adrian Mendoza

A beat I just randomly created for fun. This was actually the first beat I created and it's still today my favorite. In the beginning the sound sounds like as if you're in a spaceship or something. When I first made I wanted something to catch not only my attention, but also the audience.

Theory of a Deadman

This is a short clip of the beginning of Theory of a Deadman's "Rx(Medicate)". There is a whistling pattern with a guitar, bass, and drums in the background. This excerpt features the whistling pattern twice as the instruments are played in the background.

Kyle McLemore

An original composition of music with an African theme that consists of only percussive instruments. It as an imagining of the drums that were thought to incite rebellion as mentioned in "Voyage to the Island of Jamaica." Recorded on an HP Envy PC with an AKAI MP61 keyboard, Mixcraft Pro Studio 8, and cinema sound effects software. 

Ben Harms

Recording of a pair of two baroque timpani. Primarily used in the Eighteenth century and Nineteenth century, these drums consists of copper bowls with calfskin heads stretched across them, tightened and tuned by lugs and played with wooden mallets. The sizes of these timpani are 23" and 26" in diameter. Hand tuned with the help of a tuning key, the pitches of these drums are C3 and G2.

Paul Lopez

Extracto de un video de Paul Lopez tocando un ritmo merengue con dos congas. El tempo se acelera y se desacelera. | Excerpt from a video of Paul Lopez playing a merengue rhythm with two drums. The tempo accelerates and decelerates.

Natalie Lubin, Mimbemba Ngora and Michael Markus (drum musicians)

This is a duet of the Djembe African Drums. Two men are playing this drums and they are going at a steady, slow pace.

Henry Sosa, Quang Nguyen

People at Moral March in Raleigh, NC on February 8, 2014 expressing their discontent with racial equality in NC by using their voices and drums.

Freesound.org contributor whatsanickname4u

Sound recording of a taiko drum being played.