Nicholos Lophong

Making tea in a single serve tea maker that uses tea bags

Kellie Caracofe

The sound is a K-compact style Keurig machine brewing a large cup of coffee. The static-like sound in the background is the noise that the Keurig machine makes when heating up. The sound was recorded on an H1 Zoom mic with stereo recording

Jacob Marcinczyk

This is a sound recording of a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker warming up and beginning to dispense a freshly brewed cup of coffee, as this coffee maker creates coffees one cup at a time. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Ciera Higginbotham

Sound recording of coffee being brewed in a Mr. Coffee Brand coffee maker. One can here the click of the start button and sounds of the coffee dripping into the glass pot, including other nuances like gurgling steam. Recorded using a Zoom H4n model.


Sarah Hendrix

A Keurig K45 Single Serve Brewer brewing 4 oz of coffee. The coffee is leaving the machine and entering a ceramic mug, which is located approximately 8 inches below the spout of the coffee maker. Recorded on a Zoom H4n.

Deeksha Malhotra

Sound recording of an individual thirstily gulping water from a bottle in one breath. Recorded on an iPhone 5C.