Victoria Wang
Sujata Kishnani

The main entry to Duke Hospital requires passage through a revolving door. The door occasionally creaks. Several people may pass through the door at a time, as they did at the time of the recording. This revolving door represents the permeable barrier and transition between the outside world and the place of giving and receiving care.

Allen Carter

This audio captures a student at Georgia Tech scanning their Buzzcard for access and then entering the North Avenue dining hall. Captured with iPhone 7 plus.

Nathan Eason

The 3rd floor of West Village by the Starbucks.  The low murmur of students' voices as they study and socialize and music played by Starbucks. Sharp sound of chair being pulled out followed by an opening and closing door as a student leaves. Recoded on IPhone 6 microphone.  

Adam Haddou

Door opening slowly and creaking. As a child this sound always used to freak me out and even now as an adult using a door multiple times a day, if the time and place are correct, it will still creep me out.

Anya Sczerzenie

This is the sound of a heavy lockable college dormitory door being opened, then allowed to swing shut. Sound of heating unit may be audible in the background. Recorded using a H4N Pro Handy Recorder.

Ayonna Figgs

Sound recording of a bedroom door closing. Recorded on a Zoom handheld recorder.

Victoria Spruill

Knocking on a wooden door

Tea Hughes

Manually turning a lock to both lock and unlock a door. / Girar manualmente una cerradura para bloquear y desbloquear una puerta.

Michael McAloon

Sound recording of a shopper closing a freezer door in the frozen foods section of the supermarket. The hum of the inside of the freezer is heard at the beginning of the piece, and becomes more and more faint as the door closes. The door closes with a slam, and then another shopper is heard closing a second door directly afterwards, which closes after bouncing back open for a breif second. Recorded using a Zoom H4N audio recorder. 

The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library

Sound recording of a metal jail cell door squeaking and clanking with a loud close.