Claire Simmonds; Dave Barry

The sound recording is of leather bottom shoes stepping on a wooden dance floor.

Ricardo Alvarez-Estarellas; Tea Hughes

Ricardo Alvarez-Estarellas, Duke University student, reciting the poem “El bambuco” by Rafael Pombo / Ricardo Alvarez-Estarellas, estudiante de Duke, recitando el poema "El bambuco" por Rafael Pombo

Joyce Theater

Una entrevista en que Fernando Carvajal habla de la importancia de la colaboración para su grupo MalPaso Dance Company. (An interview in which Fernando Carvajal speaks about the importance of collaboration for his group MalPaso Dance Company.

Mariam Sulakian

This is a sample of the sounds overheard at the Chronicle from the Bhangra practice next door. The Chronicle's office is located on the third floor of the Flowers building adjacent to the West Campus Chapel. The performance room, from which the sounds are heard, is adjacent to the Chronicle's photo room (the two rooms are separated by a door). At first, the music is clearly audible. Within the first few seconds, however, a staffer at the Chronicle shuts the door. This action is identifiable by the door's audible creak as it shuts. Another staffer then plays a different tune closer to the source of recording.

Maria Roussos

A night out at a dance club. A DJ's voice can be heard about half way through and some friends having a conversation can be heard towards the end. Recorded on iPhone 5s.

Brooke Watson, Mich Faulkner (solo clogger)

Sound recording of Mich Faulkner performing a clogging routine.