Danielle Jameison; Wilson Ricketts; Duke Students

This is the sound of a cafeteria in the Divinity school. During the lunch hour, many conversations are occuring while occupants are sitting at long, narrow 8-person tables. The close proximity in which these discussions take place can still be heard as some get up to bus their plates and silverware before parting ways. Similar to the Divinity Cafe, hospital cafeterias are filled with a diverse array of personnel: physicians, nurses, other healthcare staff, patients, and families. These various groups might coexist in the same place, but they might bus their trays before ever intermingling. However, the shared eating space can still remind us of the communal aspects of healthcare.

Amelia Szabo

This is a recording of the soundscape of West Village's Starbucks in the early evening. Sounds of slow, relaxing music, drinks being synthesized, and students conversing can be heard in the background. These sounds were recorded using an iPhone 5c.

Sarah McDougal

Sound recording of an interaction between a third year Georgia Tech student with two members of the Georgia Tech Dining Staff at the omelette station in Brittain Dining Hall on a Thursday morning. In the background of the conversation, you can hear the omelettes sizzling on a pan, while another staff member comes to join the conversation. Recorded with Voice Memos on an iPhone X.