Gideon Tamir

Sound recording of the Oberlin College Science Center right before morning classes. Recorded on an iPhone 5S The sound of innumerable conversations echo in the large space that is encapsulated by the Oberlin College Science Center is supported by the countless footsteps that hit the shiny floors with unwavering consistency.

Gideon Tamir

Sound recording of a student walking into Stevenson Dining Hall at Oberlin College. Recorded on an iPhone 5. The constant chatter in the background of the audio clip comes from various groups of people wrapped up in their own conversations. The melodic sound of affirmation comes from the meal swipe system used at Oberlin to keep track of each student’s meals. The following “thank you” and “you’re welcome” came from the student entering the cafeteria and the lunch attendant who monitors the entrance to the cafeteria respectively. Following this is the thudding of the student walking up the stairs into the actual dining hall.

Samir Husain, Oberlin College

Sound recording of a hallway in a building with classrooms at Oberlin College. Recorded by a Samsung Galaxy S5