Jasmine Pringle (recorder), Michael Davis (typing)

This is a sound recording of typing on a desktop computer keyboard at the patient resource station in the waiting lobby of the Duke Cancer Center (3rd floor). In addition to the waiting lobby, the sound of typing is prevalent in many aspects of the healthcare system, including in the appointment rooms where physicians or trained scribes take electronic notes of the patient-physician conversation. While this sound implies documentation of important points of a conversation, it can also hinder conversation between a patient and physician. Hearing the sound can make patients anxious in the appointment room or make them feel uncomfortable that their words are being noted down. The need to type and take notes on what the patient is saying may also distract the physician from actively listening and participating in the conversation. Ultimately, typing serves as a barrier to a close and trusting relationship between the patient and physician.

Claire Pullan

Sound recording of an individual receiving an e-mail while typing out an e-mail on their keyboard at an office at the Savannah River Site. Sound byte was recorded on Han4 Pro Zoom in Stereo. 


Vivek Garimella

Recording of a student coding in MATLAB. The laptop used was a Dell XPS 13 9350 Touch. This recording was also done in close proximity of a machine lab, with audible hammering noises in the background. Recorded using a Google Pixel XL and the Sony Audio Recorder App. 

Lexi Wagner

Sound recording of someone typing their response to an essay prompt. This recording was done in a room with audible air conditioning. The laptop being used is a Lenovo Ideapad U530 Touch. Recorded by an IPhone 6s with headphones plugged in.

Anya Sczerzenie

The sound of me typing out an essay on a Dell tablet laptop keyboard. Recorded on iPhone 6s in a dorm room.

Andrue Bilbo

Sound recorded in the residential housing (Rhoads) for students at Virginia Commonwealth University. The computer that was being used, was a custom built PC that my friend had made a few years ago. The noise was coming from his graphics processing unit (GPU) when it was running at maximum speed. Recorded using a Zoom H1 audio recording device in stereo recording mode.

Julia Weldon

Tying on an HP laptop in a busy library late at night. The sound of the keys being hit have layers. There's the tapping that you automatically here but then there is the lower sound of the keys hitting the bottom of the keyboard. By listening closely these layers are evident. Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder around 7pm on the social floor of the James Branch Cabell Library at VCU in Richmond, VA.

Jacob Levine (mecanógrafo/grabador) | Jacob Levine (typist/recorder)

Grabación de sonido de un estudiante escribiendo un papel en una computadora portatíl de Dell. Grabado con un ZoomH4n. | Sound recording of a student typing a paper on a Dell laptop computer. Recorded with a ZoomH4n.

Caroline Sonett

This is an audio file of my computer speakers emitting a soft but steady whirring because they have become overheated. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Chase Ellison - Eastman School of Music

Whenever I'm working at home, I enjoy using my iPod classic (yes, it's true), computer, and/or iPhone SE as playback devices to accompany whatever activity I may be doing at that moment. I noticed that every time I use the 1/8" stereo jack chord that is attached to the external speakers (4 total - 1 bass and 3 smaller speakers) to my playback device, there would be a hum/"record skipping" type noise that would emit from the speakers. This sound is short-lived and occurs very quickly before the 1/8" jack is completely inserted; however, it is a noticeable source of noise.