college student

Philip Cary

This is a recording of a lecture of a Physics 2211 class in the Howey Physics Building at Georgia Tech. The professor and other ambient sounds in the lecture hall can be heard. This was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and edited with Audacity.

Student Center Picture.JPG
Heidi Davari

This sound was recorded during a busy lunch break for students in the Georgia Tech food court located on the second floor of the Student Center. It was a weekday during the spring semester so the space was very crowded. The major sound of the recording is various groups of students talking. Chairs being moved across the floor and trays being set on the table can also be heard. This was recorded using an iPhone 6.

Jacob Levine (mecanógrafo/grabador) | Jacob Levine (typist/recorder)

Grabación de sonido de un estudiante escribiendo un papel en una computadora portatíl de Dell. Grabado con un ZoomH4n. | Sound recording of a student typing a paper on a Dell laptop computer. Recorded with a ZoomH4n.