Bontu Gelan

This is a sound recording of someone sitting down, preparing to study on the third floor of West Village Dining near the Starbucks, on a Saturday at 11:00 am. Recorded with an iPhone 6. The sound of the chair screeching across the floor along with the person making contact with the chair is heard, as that is the main focus of the audio. In the background there are faint sounds of the music from the Starbucks as well the person making contact with the table, by placing items on it and adjusting the chair.

Angel Hilliard

The recording shows the normal everyday chatter and background noise that occurs at a public coffee shop. You can hear the chatter of people and sounds that the blenders make to prepare the drinks.

Savannah Breegle

This sound recording starts with a carton of organic soymilk being poured into a metal pitcher. The pitcher is then placed under the steaming wand attached to a Mastrena High Performance Espresso Machine. The steaming wand touches the bottom of the pitcher that contains the milk and is then pulled down to reach just the top of the milk where we hear the liquid ripping noise to create the delightful foam on top of a latte. The last noise that fades out is the steaming wand being cleaned by letting out steam into a sanitized cloth. Recorded in Starbucks on an IPhone 6S.

Kellie Caracofe

The sound is a K-compact style Keurig machine brewing a large cup of coffee. The static-like sound in the background is the noise that the Keurig machine makes when heating up. The sound was recorded on an H1 Zoom mic with stereo recording

Kristin Metzger; Virginia Commonwealth University

A barista pulls a double espresso shot at a local cafe. The machine grinds the beans and dispenses the ground espresso into the handle. Recorded on an iPhone 6s.

Leila Hashemi

The soft sounds of Kirkland Columbian dark roast coffee brewing in a Mr. Coffee Maker in the morning. Recorded on a ZOOM H4 recorder. 

Ciera Higginbotham

Sound recording of coffee being brewed in a Mr. Coffee Brand coffee maker. One can here the click of the start button and sounds of the coffee dripping into the glass pot, including other nuances like gurgling steam. Recorded using a Zoom H4n model.


La máquina de espresso que esta en Vondy adentro de Perkins.Espresso machine in Vondy inside Perkins Library

Español: Se pregunto a la trabajadora si se pudiera grabar el sonidos que hacía la máquina de espresso cuando ella hacía un cafe. Entonces se grabo el vapor que salía de la máquina para hacer el cafe. English: I asked the worker if I could record the sounds made by the espresso machine when the worker made coffee. Then the steam coming out of the machine to make the coffee was recorded.

Sarah Hendrix

A Keurig K45 Single Serve Brewer brewing 4 oz of coffee. The coffee is leaving the machine and entering a ceramic mug, which is located approximately 8 inches below the spout of the coffee maker. Recorded on a Zoom H4n.