Allison Bennett Dyche

Chickens walking on pine shavings in backyard chicken coop. Features 16 chickens, mostly about three months old. The chickens all make distinctive sounds, from clucks to chirps, and are walking back and forth in the coop atop pine shavings that rustle beneath their feet. Recorded on a ZOOM H5.

Bella Savell

Sound recording of frogs chirping inside a water grate in a marshy ditch next to the Proctor Creek Greenway path while an airplane flies over the forest. Hearing the frogs exemplifies the welcoming culture of the PCG in that visitors’ senses are filled with natural sensations instead of those from the city. Recorded with Zoom H6 recorder and Rode NTG2 shotgun condenser.

Berkley Sjolund

This is a recording of crickets chirping along with sounds of resting lake water near the Furman University Bell Tower at night. The lake water sounds similar to wind and can be heard throughout the clip. Faint voices and laughter are heard as students were taking night walks around the notorious Furman University lake. Recorded with a Zoom.

Avani V D Harapanahalli

Sound recording of birds chirping in the courtyard enclosed by the Parker H. Petit Building at Georgia Tech, located adjacent to a bus stop. Recorded using a Samsung S6 Edge.

Jack Tinkler

Sound recording of the rooftop garden on top of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons on a windy afternoon. The primary sounds include a group of students collaborating together for a project along with birds chirping.  The strong winds and the machinery noise from the Bunger-Henry building's roof across Tech Green are the secondary sounds.  The sound was recorded with an Apple iPhone 7 using the voice memos application. 

Melina Mercedes Maldonado

Sound recording of the patio at west village that I would believe to be similar to the patio on the second floor of the living building. You should be able to hear the nature around the patio most prominently the birds chirping. Recorded on an iphone 8 plus in voice memos. 

Jordan Pope

Sound recording of birds chirping in the Paul G. Mayer Memorial Garden, across from the Price Gilbert Memorial Library (under renovation) and D.M. Smith building. It is a Friday around noon and class is letting out and it is sunny with a light breeze.

Georgia Institue of Technology

Sound recording of a Bird chirping in a tree, with the wind blowing slightly on a sunny spring day, from a rooftop of the CULC Building in the "Nature Garden" section.  Recorded with IPhone 7 microphone. contributor Ali@k

Sound recording of a birds and crickets chirping in a forest.

Thomas Shelbourn

Sound recording of crickets chirping at dusk on Duke University's West campus.