Allison Bennett Dyche

Chickens walking on pine shavings in backyard chicken coop. Features 16 chickens, mostly about three months old. The chickens all make distinctive sounds, from clucks to chirps, and are walking back and forth in the coop atop pine shavings that rustle beneath their feet. Recorded on a ZOOM H5.

Katie Pistininzi

This is a VULCAN 60W X 33D X 36H flat top grill at O'Charley's restaurant. Cooking on the grill is two small chicken cutlets. You can hear the sound of the metal spatula hitting the grill as the cook checks the chicken. You can hear the sizzle change as the cook flips the chicken cutlet. You may also hear some of the cooks and waiters talking in the background. Recorded on a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

Albones Barbecue

Sound recording of neckbones, a brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, and rib tips being cooked on an open bit barbecue. Open pit barbecue involves slowly smoking the meat, having the meat juices drop into the heat source, and then allowing the smoke to come back up and infuse the meat with the flavor.