Rebecca Wilhelmi

Sound recording of biting into and chewing a Granny Smith Apple. The apple is being eaten in a college dorm room at Furman University. One bite of the apple is being taken, then the bite is chewed and swallowed. Recorded with a Zoom H4n sound recorder.

Andrew Wynkoop

Sound recording of the process of eating ice cream, including opening the container, a metal spoon hitting the table, scooping the ice cream, chewing, and re-sealing the container. Recorded using a Zoom H4n sound recorder.

Vitoria Garcia

This recording was taken in a dorm room at Virginia Commonwealth University at 1:30 PM on a Monday in February of 2018. In the recording, you will hear the sound of a teenaged girl chewing Einstein Bro's Bagels Barbecue potato chips. This sound was recorded with an iPhone 7 and was edited with Audacity.

Eritrea Stefanos

The sound of me chomping on my spearmint flavored orbit gum. I was slowly chewing my gum from the left side of my cheek to the right. Creating an annoying sound, the sound resembles a camel smacking on grass. If you listen carefully you can hear the consistency of my saliva mixing in with the gum. Recorded on iPhone 6s.

Allison Martin
Anne Kirk Terry

This is a sound recording of my friend Anne Kirk Terry, opening the bag and eating a snack size bag of Lays salt and vinegar potato chips on the second level of James Branch Cabell Library at Virginia Commonwealth University.  This was recorded on the Zoom H4N Pro audio recorder.


Jerishma Patel, Ana Galvez

Recording of the the crunching sound of someone eating a pita chip. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.