Allen Carter

This audio captures a student at Georgia Tech scanning their Buzzcard for access and then entering the North Avenue dining hall. Captured with iPhone 7 plus.

Ian Cox

Sound recording from a nearby table of various background sounds at the Starbucks within the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Georgia Tech. Recorded with the built-in microphone off of an iPhone 7. Sounds such as a cash register, music, and indistinguishable chatter can be heard.

Sanghyub Lee

Sound recording of a lecture taking place in Design Bloc located in the second floor of Georgia Tech Library. The recording presents a professor giving a lecture to his students. Despite professor’s efforts to block the noises from the study space using whiteboards, the recording shows that his lecture takes place in a space filled with disruptive noises. The following sound was recorded with Sony ECM DS70P Microphone connected to Galaxy S8 and edited with Audacity program.

Jordan Pope

Sound recording of birds chirping in the Paul G. Mayer Memorial Garden, across from the Price Gilbert Memorial Library (under renovation) and D.M. Smith building. It is a Friday around noon and class is letting out and it is sunny with a light breeze.

Student Center Picture.JPG
Heidi Davari

This sound was recorded during a busy lunch break for students in the Georgia Tech food court located on the second floor of the Student Center. It was a weekday during the spring semester so the space was very crowded. The major sound of the recording is various groups of students talking. Chairs being moved across the floor and trays being set on the table can also be heard. This was recorded using an iPhone 6.

Angel Hilliard

The recording shows the normal everyday chatter and background noise that occurs at a public coffee shop. You can hear the chatter of people and sounds that the blenders make to prepare the drinks.

Michael Grossman

A brief recording taken from my iPhone 6s as I walked out of Harris Hall towards park Ave.

Oliver Perry

This is audio of Shafer dining hall ten minutes before it closed. It was recorded on a Zoom H4n Pro mic. Throughout the clip, the sounds of clanging and crashing kitchen supplies, the shuffling of feet, and other various noises can be heard. There is also the ever present hum of my Dell computer, as well as periodic chatter from the employees of the dining hall.

Anastasia Budko

A thirty second recording of piano playing on a Monday afternoon in the Brown Residence common room on East Campus, at Duke University. A track with a main focus on a casual amateur piano improvisation, running parallel to the general noise of a busy, shared, closed college environment. Recorded on an iPhone 5s, which was placed on the right side of the piano player throughout the duration of the recording.

Jordan Richardson

This recording was taken in the left wing of Marketplace Dining Hall on Duke University East Campus at 7:45 on a Tuesday in October of 2015. In the recording you will hear the clinking of dishes, people talking, and music in the background.