Hannah Shafer

This is an audio recording of a Furman student walking through the tall grasses outside of North Village Housing on campus. It was recorded with an iPhone X.

Jasmin Snype

Recording in a 2014 Hyundai Elantra on the front driver side, the unlatching and latching of the seat belt recorded on an iPhone 7. With slight pressure on the seat beat button the release of the seat belt retracts back into its original position by the door. Only to be pulled again across my body to be placed in its latch securely with a click sound accompanying it.

Angela Atwater

Sound recording of a set of keys being inserted into an SUV ignition tumbler switch. After a second the key is turned which promotes the engine to turn on and a rhythmic beep to sound as the car begins to warm up and then settle. This was recorded on a rainy day, so there are faint sounds of rain droplets landing on the roof and hood of the car. The vehicle has around 86,000miles and is a 2012 Toyota Rav4.

Riya Chalise

The sound recording of walking down the streets of VCU on a rainy night, in the city of Richmond. One can hear the clicking of the high heels against the wet concrete ground. The scene also involves a car turning into a large puddle, and the water splashes everywhere. 


A Tape to Auxiliary Audio cable adaptor inserted and played in a 2001 Honda Accord Cassette Deck


A defective CD player attempting to read a CD in a 2001 Honda Accord CD/tape/stereo deck.

Chase Ellison - Eastman School of Music

As I drive through the city of Rochester, NY, there are a few streets in which the radio signal from Jazz 90.1 encounters interference from a competing radio frequency. This recording captures the disruption in sound from one station to the other. In the resultant cacophony, the primary radio signal diminishes in quality and strength as the secondary signal interjects in irregular pulsations. The primary source does not disappear altogether; however, there is no clarity once the signal is disrupted. This recording also captures the sound of the turn signal and engine noise as a result of driving during the recording. Such found objects put the recording of the radio into a familiar context - driving and listening to the radio.

Sound recording of a walk taken down Constitution Drive after a recent rainstorm. The walk was taken in damp conditions on the side of a road, during which birds can be heard as well as a car passing by. Recorded on a Zoom h4n recorder.

Audio productions

two different cars honking, one short honk followed by a second longer one

Brett Lardaro

The sound of a small car driving by on W. Markham Avenue bordering Duke University around 2:00pm. I stood still and held my recorder, an iPhone 6, at my waist while standing on the sidewalk next to the street as the car drove past me.