A cappella

Will Sperduto (recorder)Josh Kalejaye (featured singer)

Sound recording of the voice of Josh Kalejaye - a member of Duke University's Pitchforks (an all male, a cappella group). Recorded on a ZoomH4N.

Boi-1da (Matthew Jehu Samuels, recorder/producer); Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham, speaker/rapper/writer).

Drake's verse, which exercises the vocal technique of both a fluid flow and then pauses in pace (without the background instrumental), is an excerpt from the rap song "Forever," which was released as a single from the soundtrack of the "More Than a Game" documentary, centered around professional basketball player LeBron James. While the original recording took place in a studio session, this audio clip was accessed from YouTube (see "Source" for details).

Jackie Xiao

The recoding is a rhythmic repetition of the kick drum (b) and the snare drum (pf) sounds in beatboxing. Recording was done by a Duke Student who is an amateur beatboxer in his room. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Matthew King (male voice), Elizabeth Davies (female voice)

Sound recording of a duet performance of Frank Loesser's "Baby it's Cold Outside". The duet consists of a male and a female singer.