Bontu Gelan

This is a sound recording of someone sitting down, preparing to study on the third floor of West Village Dining near the Starbucks, on a Saturday at 11:00 am. Recorded with an iPhone 6. The sound of the chair screeching across the floor along with the person making contact with the chair is heard, as that is the main focus of the audio. In the background there are faint sounds of the music from the Starbucks as well the person making contact with the table, by placing items on it and adjusting the chair.

Marlena Ashby

Recording of the inside of an elevator going up two floors and beeping, and the squeaky doors opening. Recorded on a Zoom Microphone.

Zaria L Thornton

Sound Recording of Richmond Police cars driving on Belvidere street, heading towards the exits of 95 & 64, where Belvidere runs into Chamberlayne. Recorded from the fourth floor, located on the east side of the building approximately at 3:19 am. Recorded with a H1 Handy Recorder. Sirens frequently happens between 1am and 5am. Usually wakes me up at an unusual hour.