Jasmine Pringle (recorder), Tyler Couch (pager sample)

This sound recording is a simulation of a doctor’s pager going off. The pager sound is really important in the healthcare system as it is how a doctor is notified of an important call. While pagers allow doctors to connect with new patients the sound can be disruptive to communication with current patients. The pager reaches out, calling for practitioners, emergency responders, or anyone who can provide immediate and satisfactory assistance for those in need pulling them away from the work they were doing at the time. Hearing the sound of a pager as a patient can highlight the urgency of their health circumstances, as the incessant sound reminds them of the hospital setting they are in. The number of patients a doctor is responsible for decreases the care they are able to give individually. The pager represents the inability of a doctor to give their full attention to a single patient, leading to an inevitable barrier between the two.

Iyanla XO

Sound recording of an outgoing phone call ringing. Recorded by an H1 Handy Recorder.

August Albert
Diana Sudak

Warbling is to create shrill, quavering sounds with the mouth. My close friend Diana likes to use this sound as her mating call at parties, so I asked her to imitate the sound while recording.

Reema Idris

The sound of an Iphone face time ringtone alerts the owner of the phone that they are reviving a face time call. The sound of the ringtone is very distinct and has a different ringtone then a regular phone call. This sound was taken place in James Cabell Library on the second floor. Recorded on an IPhone.

World Class Sound Effects

This is a recording of an automated phone operator recording. This recording is played when a call fails or there is a technical difficulty. This is a standard operator recording that is seen in most phone systems, although there may be slight variations based on telephone carrier. This recording was produced as part of a compilation of sound effects. Extracted via YouTube clip.