Leo Zhang

Sound recording of MARTA bus engine as it was stopped near the MARTA Bankhead station: idle engine, pneumatic release of air, background birds and conversations. Transportation, accessibility improves Proctor Creek Greenway's welcoming culture. Recorded with iPhone 6s microphone.

Seung Hyun Lee

Sound recording of a person getting off the Bull City Connector, a local bus in Durham, NC. As the bus comes to a stop, the door rattles and makes a ticking sound. The door clicks open, and the bus lets air out to lower itself for the person getting off. There is an announcement for the safety of the passengers, from both the inside and the outside of the bus. Air whooshes out as the break is released, and the bus leaves with a loud engine noise, getting quieter as the bus moves farther away. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Seung Hyun Lee

Soundscape on the Bull City Connector, a local bus in Durham, North Carolina. People are having conversations, and the bus is rattling as it comes to a stop for the intersection. The bell rings as someone requests for a stop. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Antonio Vrankovic

This recording gives us a variety of frequencies of one sound, which is really helpful when it comes to learning about sounds. By getting close to the source of the sound, the sound became louder and the frequency was higher. In contrast to when the distance between the sound source, in this case the bus, and the recording device (iPhone 6) increased, the sound was not as loud and the frequency of the sound was lower. While recording, I was holding the recording device in my hand and kept it as still as possible. I started by siting on the bench at the bus stop, but after a period of time I decided to get closer to the bus. The bus seemed like one of those old, public transportation buses, not one of the new, more modernized buses. Also this recording was recorded at night, approximately 8 PM.

Gaby Salvatore

This is an experiment testing how people change their levels of volume according to the environment that they are in. Here, we discover how people subscribe to a certain set of generally-accepted social guidelines regarding appropriate noise level of a given location. This recording is one example of how sound is incorporated into cultural and social norms. The recording begins on the Duke University C1 bus and ends on the East Campus quad.

Laura Perez, Bus (C1)

From the adjacent sidewalk, I took this sound recording of an articulated bus passing through the tunnel leading to Duke's East campus. The audio begins as the bus approaches the entrance of the tunnel. The noise intensifies as the bus proceeds to halfway point of the tunnel where I stood holding the mic and then fades as it exits. Recorded on iPhone 5.

Kashish Patel

Sound recording of the C1 Bus at the East Campus Bus Stop at Duke University. Includes sounds from the outside and inside of the bus. Recorded on a Nexus 5.

Thomas Shelbourn

Sound recording of two Duke University diesel-powered buses passing pedestrians on Chapel Drive, Durham, NC.