Sydney Tanner

Sound recording of a pot of boiling water on an electric kitchen stove. Listeners can hear the sound of bubbles rising and bursting as well as the energetic movement of water within the pot. The pot was half full of water and the stove was on high heat. Recorded using a Tascam DR-40. 

Allie Braun

This recording was created in an attempt to think about the sounds fish live in. It was taken right outside The David E. Shi Center for Sustainability in the Koi pond. You are able to hear the vibrations created by someone walking along the path there as well as the brief sound of a fish.

Lucette Sylvain

Sound recording of dishes being washed in the sink and put away while the faucet runs.

Ray Warren

The sound of drinking the last sip of liquid through a straw. I was drinking out of a regular-sized paper cup from panda express.