Jessica Marks

A recording of a prescription medication bottle being opened, pills being removed, and the bottle being closed. The small 20mg pills can be heard clinking against each other and the bottle, as well as the lid of the bottle as they are poured into the cap for the patient to access. The childproof locking mechanism on the bottle can be heard clicking into place as the cap is closed at the end of the sound. Recorded on a Zoom H4n Recorder. 

This is a recording of a metal water bottle being uncapped and filled with water from a water fountain. Most of the water fountains at Furman include a chamber for filling water bottles. These chambers are equipped with a downward-facing spout and a digital counter that tracks the amount of water bottles that have been filled since the fountain’s installation. This digital counter is an eco-friendly measure designed to incentivize students to carry water bottles.


Almira Zaky

Sound recording of me swishing my plastic water bottle around. Recorded on an H4n Zoom Recorder.

Noah Huntington

A water bottle being squeezed and crushed by a person's hands in a two person dorm room. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Sasha Seldon

In my room, I shook a half full plastic Aquafina water bottle.

Water made sounds made from a water bottle. This sound was created by slowly turning and moving a plastic water bottle in the library. The sound that is made is soothing and relaxing.

Gillian Fitzgerald

Empty Aquafina water bottle being filled to the top by a Diamond Springs water fountain. Recorded in a quiet, spacious room with an iPhone 6.

Ray Warren

The sound of myself unscrewing the lid to a medicine bottle filled with tablet pills, after which I remove a pill and then screw the lid back on. The lid is one which requires you to push down and then turn in order to open it. 

SOUND FX TV and HD sound effects

Rocks crashing against rock and bottles breaking

Jenny Luo

Sound recording of the self-sealing spout of an upright 32 oz. Gatorade Squeeze Water Bottle filled a quarter of the way with water being squeezed to release the air in the bottle. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.