Zachary Simms

Nina Simone's 1971 self titled compilation release being played on vinyl.

Willie Dixon (vocals), Abner Spector (producer)

Recording of the song "I Can't Quit You Baby" by Willie Dixon. Obtained from a Youtube clip. accessed November 23, 2014.

Willie Dixon (writer, prodcuer), Otis Rush (vocals)

Recording of the song "I Can't Quit You Baby" as performed by Otis Rush

Tori Diggs (Vocals), Murphy Poplyk (Production)

Recording of the Intro of "I Can't Quit You Baby" as performed by Tori Diggs. Recorded with a Zoom.

Tori Diggs (Vocals), Murphy Poplyk (Guitar, Bass, Producer)

Recording of a cover of "I Can't Quit You Baby," sung by Tori Diggs and accompanied by Murphy Poplyk. Recorded with a Zoom. Excerpt demonstrates pitch bending (sliding into a note) and call and response between vocals and guitar.

Jimmy Page (Production), Robert Plant (Vocals)

Album recording of "I Can't Quit You Baby" as preformed by Led Zeppelin off of the album "Led Zeppelin"

Pine Top Smith

"Pine Top" Smith plays the first recognized Boogie Woogie song, "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie."

Omar Shariff, Jack Canson

Omar Sharriff plays a Homecoming Concert in Marshall, Texas, the Birthplace of Boogie Woogie, where he grew up as David Alexander Elam. It was Omar's first time to return to Marshall after an absence of 55 years.