Allison Bennett Dyche

Chickens walking on pine shavings in backyard chicken coop. Features 16 chickens, mostly about three months old. The chickens all make distinctive sounds, from clucks to chirps, and are walking back and forth in the coop atop pine shavings that rustle beneath their feet. Recorded on a ZOOM H5.

Zachary Hughes (Furman University)

This clip captures a stainless steel knife cutting through the tissue a Thanksgiving turkey. As the legs are moved aside to remove more meat from the bird, some of the bones crack. 

Anonymous Goose
Zachary Hughes (Furman University)

This clip begins with an adult Canada goose flapping its wings to make the short descent from a stone retention wall into the water of Furman Lake. A splash of parting water is heard when the goose's body meets the surface of the lake. As the first descends into the water, another goose honks. Throughout the clip, another bird warbles in the background.

Courtney Smith

Sound recording of insects and birds along the Proctor Creek Greenway on a hot summer day. The voices of these animals fill the silence and bring sound upon the nature surrounding the pathway. By speaking out, these creatures contribute to the welcoming environment of the Greenway. Recorded with Zoom H6 and Rode HTG2 shotgun condenser.

Ben Koehler, Noelle Pickard, Elizabeth Williamson, Jason Zhou, Lauren Zhou

Sound recording of a peaceful, late-morning walk along West Side Atlanta's Proctor Creek Greenway, with the sounds of birds singing. Also included are sounds made by a backpack rubbing against polyester athletic shorts. The warm songs of the birds welcome visitors to continue walking along the pathway to explore where it leads to. Recorded with Sony PCM-M10 recorder and an Electro-Voice RE50B omnidirectional dynamic microphone.

Daisy Zhou

Proctor Creek Greenway and its lush greenery provide a temporary escape from the busy streets of Atlanta, as the natural sounds of birds chirping and footsteps can be heard in the background. Yet, the sound of the airplane flying over in the audio recording is a gentle reminder of how close the trail is to the city. With Emerald Corridor Foundation's future plans and its close proximity, the Greenway will be accessible to and from the heart of Atlanta, creating a safe pathway between itself and Georgia Tech's Kendeda Living Building. Recorded with the Zoom H5 Recorder and Rode NTG2 Shotgun Condenser Microphone. 

Khalil Keyton

Recorded sound of birds and cicadas at the Proctor Creek Greenway in Atlanta Georgia. Though the birds and cicadas are the main subject in the audio, there are signals such as wind, walking and talking that add to the soundscape of the audio. These sounds create a welcoming culture for the Proctor Creek Greenway. These natural sounds act as an escape from the busy Atlanta and allow people to relax and thrive. Recorded with Zoom H6 recorder and Rode NTG2 shotgun condenser microphone. 

Braden Colbert

Sounds of many different species of birds from the Proctor Creek Greenway that give a welcoming environment to the visitors, due to the comforting sounds of nature.  The sounds of footsteps and insects can be heard in the background of the recording.  The sound was recorded on the Sony PCM-M10 with the microphone Electro-Voice RE50B omnidirectional dynamic.

Leo Zhang

Sound recording of MARTA bus engine as it was stopped near the MARTA Bankhead station: idle engine, pneumatic release of air, background birds and conversations. Transportation, accessibility improves Proctor Creek Greenway's welcoming culture. Recorded with iPhone 6s microphone.

Annamarie Guest

This sound recording was taken on the shore alongside the Springmaid Pier in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and features the sound of a Robinson R22 helicopter flying overhead mixed with crashing ocean waves. The tide was low, and the beach had few people on it as the recording was taken in the spring around sunset.