Naomi Dickerson

This is a recording of myself taking an elevator ride from the second floor of the 8th Street South Dorms to the first floor. This recording was taken at 8:15p.m. on a Tuesday night. No one else was on the elevator. This recording was taken on an IPhone 8+.

Jenny Ament

Sound recording of "Bell Tower," a large metal wind-chime public sculpture, near highway traffic on a windy winter day. Recorded with Zoom H6 recorder and Audio-Technica 8010 condenser microphone.

Jasmin Snype

Recording of Valentine’s Day door handle bell jingles in a small room, recorded on an iPhone 7. The constant shaking in an up and down motion forcing the bells to bounce against each other is what causes some of the sound to have a clacking effect different from the lighter constant jingle noise.

Natalie Nohra

Have you ever been woken up by those ridiculously loud church bells at 9 in the morning on a Sunday? The one day you get to sleep in before heading back to work the next day! Bummer. Here is a clip of bells from a church in Fredericksburg. Not sure of the name of the church. I was sleeping and woke up to this and knew I had to get my recorder.

Sarah Yankson

A small bell being rung by hand repeatedly. You can hear the falter in the hand movements after a couple of seconds into the recording. Recording done on a Zoom H1N.

Ada Zhang

The entrance bells and chimes at Morgan Imports (a unique establishment right next to Brightleaf Square that boasts an eclectic array of items for sale) ring merrily as people walk in and out of the store. Toward the end, the sounds of cars rushing by join the sound of the bells. Recorded using a Zoom H4n.

John Hosey, Duke University Chapel Carillonneur

Sound recording of the Duke University Chapel bells playing on Sunday morning as heard from the chapel steps.

Allen Zhou, Duke University Chapel Carillon

Sound recording of the Duke Chapel bells. Recorded on an iPhone 5.