Marie Kreck

The metal drain stopper is unscrewed and then removed from a bathtub partly filled with water, allowing the water to flow into the pipes below. The bathtub itself is new from a recent renovation, but the plumbing is at least fifty years older. The tiled space allows the sound to resonate.

Sarah Siaf

This is the sound of me brushing my teeth using a generic white and purple toothbrush from Kroger and Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste. The audio features me brushing the front and back of my teeth.

Sarah Siaf

This was recorded in my bathroom by flipping up the handle to the standard residential faucet and allowing water to run over the drain of the porcelain sink bowl for a few seconds before shutting it off.

Jasmin Snype

Recording in a small bathroom at suburban home in Chesterfield, the sound of a flushing toilet Recorded on a iphone 7. Pressing on the metal handle in a downward motion adding depth within the sound as it deepens alerting the toilet to release the water from the toilet bowl. With a swirling circular motion the water flows from the sides, almost as if it is chasing itself around the bowl down the drain.

Reema Idris

In this sound, it is the sound of water running, which was recorded on an iPhone on the second floor of James Cabell Library. This sound of water running can refer to many different ways of use, but in my specific example, it refers to as a foset with running water for people to clean their hands after using the restroom. While for others, that could be the sound of running water that is being filled in the baskets that they use as they are working in the fields.

Vitoria Garcia

This recording was taken in a bathroom at the James B. Cabell Library at 8:30 PM on a Thursday in February of 2018. In the recording, you will hear the sound of paper towels being dispensed from an electronic paper towel dispenser, and being used to dry the hands of a teenager. This sound was recorded with an iPhone 7 and was edited with Audacity.

Simone Anderson

This is the sound of water running on high blast in a bathroom sink.

AquaVantage Zurn toilet
AquaVantage Zurn toilet
Evangeline Zarpas

This is a recording of an automated toilet flushing. Since it was automated, there is no sound of a handle being pushed down. The recording was done in a public restroom in Cabell Library. The restroom was on the 2nd floor in the women's room and there were no other people or sounds in the bathroom at the time of the recording. I trimmed the recording a little in the beginning because it was silent while the motion activation was being set off. The toilet name is AquaVantage and the brand is Zurn. This sound was recorded on an iPhone 5S.

Sound recording of a toilet flushing in a house located in the Carver area of Richmond, Va.

Alexia Tate

The sound of water running in the bathtub with a background sound of an automatic fan that turns on when the bathroom lights are switched on. (Recorded on a Zoom Recorder)