Jacob McMahon; Tyler Cherry

Dribbling a basketball in an open gym at an LA Fitness. We were using a normal men's ball and went from half court to baseline. This is a very satisfying sound to me and brings back a lot of memories of some of they happiest times in my life.

Tahmid Kazi

Sound recording of a basketball being dribbled in Cary Street gym at Virginia Commonwealth University. Recorded on iPhone 7+.

Andrew Levy, Grant O'Brien

Esta es una grabación de sonido de una pelota de baloncesto que se dribla en un piso de madera dura. El jugador cambia de dirección, por lo que puede escuchar los zapatos de baloncesto chirrido. Intermitentemente, alguien tomó un tiro contra la tabla. En el fondo, se puede escuchar otro juego y el sonido de las teclas en un bolsillo de un jugador. | This is a sound recording of a basketball being dribbled on a hardwood floor. The player changes direction, so you can hear the basketball shoes squeak. Intermittently, someone took a shot against the backboard. In the background, you can hear another game and the sound of keys in a pocket of a player.

Various recreational basketball players from Duke University.

Sound Recording of a select part of a game of pick-up basketball in the Brodie Gymnasium on Duke University's East Campus during a Monday afternoon. Recorded from the bench on an iPhone 5s.

Will Stephens

Sound recording of the Duke University Men's Basketball strength coach describing the making of a protein smoothie in the kitchen. Recorded using a Zoom audio recorder.