Julia Piotrowski (recorder)
Un-named baby (sound producer)

Sound recording of a healthy three-month old male drinking five ounces of Holle Goat Stage 1 Organic Infant Formal powdered goat's milk from a bottle with a silicone nipple. The sound was recorded at approximately 1:00 pm in a residential home in Travelers Rest, SC and was the infant’s third bottle of the day. All bottles consumed prior were made from the same powdered goat’s milk. As he is allergic to breast milk, this will continue to be his primary source of nutrition until he matures enough to eat semi-solid and solid food. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder. 

August Albert
Zoe Web

My friends used their forefingers and lips to recreate a similar sound to what babies make.

Andrea Eugene, daughter Eliza Rose

11 month old baby girl babbling while standing playing with her mother.  Recorded with a Zoom H4N Pro audio recorder

Youtube User kissenm22

Sound recording of a fetus' heartbeat while in the womb. The fetus is a boy, at 25 weeks,