Ji-Eun Choi, Daniel Zhu

Sound recording of Daniel Zhu playing Die Walkure by Wagner on a trumbone Recorded on an iPhone 4

Ji-Eun Choi, Stephanie Chen

Sound recording of Stephanie Chen playing the C major scale on an oboe Recorded on an iPhone 4

Quang Nguyen, Moral March participants, Moral March speaker

Recording of a person who was giving a speech, answering the questions what other people need, what they need, and what we all want - Justice.

Mikayla Shatley

A sound recording of using chalk to write on a chalkboard as well as using an eraser to remove the writing.

Grace Kweon

A microwave reheating leftovers from the night before.

Emmeline Yoo

Sound recording of someone knocking on a wooden dormitory door contributor Q.K.

Sound recording of rain on a rooftop. contributor Tristan

Sound recording of a xylophone being played. contributor whatsanickname4u

Sound recording of a taiko drum being played.