Jonathan Aisenberg, Elisa Zhang, marchers at the Moral March, a speaker at the Moral March

Sound recording of a segment of an interview taken at the Moral March in Raleigh North Carolina regarding Medicaid Expansion.

Emmeline Yoo

The sound of someone sipping water from a cup

Quang Nguyen, Henry Sosa, All Souls Church Unitarian fellows

Sound recording of two females from the All Souls Church Unitarian laughing during the interview conducted at the Moral March in February 8, 2014.

Ji-Eun Choi, Stephanie Chen

Sound recording of Stephanie Chen playing Scheherazade by Rimsky Korsakov on an oboe Recorded on an iPhone 4

Jonathan Aisenberg, Elisa Zhang, participants at the Moral March

Sound of recording of marchers chanting against policies of the state government at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina. contributor mario1298

Sound recording of a gentle breeze. contributor hazure

A sound recording of wood being cut.

Mikayla Shatley, Emmeline Yoo, Grace Kweon

Sound recording of the beep made during checkout by the grocery store scanner, made at Harris Teeter.

Quang Nguyen, Moral March Participant

Sound recording of the tambourine used in a song in a group singing

Grace Kweon

A recording of an egg cooking on a hot frying pan laced with oil.