Bradley Sykes

Audio recording of the cacophonous squawking produced by chickens kept in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

YouTube contributor, SyentifikFilms

Sound recording of wood being chopped.

John LeBeau

A recording of three men working at a construction site in Durham, NC. The brief excerpt captures the laborers using a hand-held jig saw to cut through a piece of plywood.


Recording of a John Deere 630 tractor and John Deere 336 baler baling hay and kicking the bales into a wagon cart. Recorded and uploaded to YouTube by DanDem34.

Frank Bry

Sound recording of a circular saw mill cutting cedar logs.

Bac Doug Green

Sound recording of migrant farmers manually harvesting sugarcane (sugar cane) outdoors in Vietnam.

Evan Williams

The sound of a diesel tractor starting up in the morning in Browns Summit, North Carolina.

Hayley Shaffer

Sound recording of an isolated pine tree swaying in the wind on a stormy, overcast day at Duke University.

Historic Mount Vernon

The sounds made by a historical gristmill at Mount Vernon. Water is directed to turn a large wheel which then through a series of gears and pulleys turns a grinding stone.