Rear derailleur adjustment at the Oberlin Bike Co-op during open hours. In the background, Mozart's 31st symphony is being played on a boom box from a cassette tape.
Sound recording of a cue stick hitting the cue ball, which then ricochets off another ball and into a wall.
Sound of a cue ball striking another ball into a side pocket. Recorded using a Zoom H4N.
Excerpt from the introduction of the Sinfonia in Bb major by Domenico Cimarosa, which shows a clear example of a parallel binary musical form. Parallel binary is a term used for a musical phrase which consists of 4 sections, generally two contrasting ideas, repeated.
A binary phrase of a late-eighteenth century Flute Concerto by Josef Reicha. The first four bars possess distinctly different melodic and harmonic characteristics and structural elements than the following four creating an AB form.
Sound recording of insects and birds along the Proctor Creek Greenway on a hot summer day. The voices of these animals fill the silence and bring sound upon the nature surrounding the pathway. By speaking out, these creatures contribute to the welcoming environment of the Greenway. Recorded with Zoom H6 and Rode HTG2 shotgun condenser.
Sound recording of a peaceful, late-morning walk along West Side Atlanta's Proctor Creek Greenway, with the sounds of birds singing. Also included are sounds made by a backpack rubbing against polyester athletic shorts. The warm songs of the birds welcome visitors to continue walking along the pathway to explore where it leads to. Recorded with Sony PCM-M10 recorder and an Electro-Voice RE50B omnidirectional dynamic microphone.
The sound of birds chirping in the gardens outside of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College. Recorded on and iPhone 4.
Sound recording of birds chirping in the courtyard enclosed by the Parker H. Petit Building at Georgia Tech, located adjacent to a bus stop. Recorded using a Samsung S6 Edge.
The bright sound of birds chirping outside of the barbershop, with the sounds of cars driving by serving as a backdrop. Recorded using a Zoom H4n.
Sounds of many different species of birds from the Proctor Creek Greenway that give a welcoming environment to the visitors, due to the comforting sounds of nature.  The sounds of footsteps and insects can be heard in the background of the recording.  The sound was recorded on the Sony PCM-M10 with the microphone Electro-Voice RE50B omnidirectional dynamic.
Recorded of the sound of David Bisbal concert in "Teatro Real". His voice, the guitars, the crowd and the environment of a star's concert are also recorded.