Sound recording of the voice of Josh Kalejaye - a member of Duke University's Pitchforks (an all male, a cappella group). Recorded on a ZoomH4N.
Sound recording of Greg Pattillo playing his flute while simultaneously beatboxing the Inspector Gadget theme song. Recorded on YouTube.
Sound recording of Josh Kalejaye explaining the four basic sounds he uses in any given song. Recorded on a ZoomH4N.
Two mechanical pencils were used as percussion instruments with AC conditioning as background noise. I created a few simple rhythms on an adjacent table. Recorded with Lenovo Thinkpad E550 laptop.
Recording of my cousin playing the song "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven on the piano. Not a huge fan of classical music, but one of my favorite ever pieces by Beethoven. A very soothing song that I like to listen to while I do homework and while I relax. Very smooth and easy to listen to for any occasion.
A recording of Emily Monroe on the violin and Dmitri Shteinberg on the piano performing the first movement of Beethoven's Sonata no. 4 in A Minor in Crawford Hall at UNCSA. Recorded on a Zoom H4.
Una entrevista en que Fernando Carvajal habla de la importancia de la colaboración para su grupo MalPaso Dance Company. (An interview in which Fernando Carvajal speaks about the importance of collaboration for his group MalPaso Dance Company.
Sound recording of the Avett Brothers performing "Bella Donna" retrieved from youtube:
This is a sample of the sounds overheard at the Chronicle from the Bhangra practice next door. The Chronicle's office is located on the third floor of the Flowers building adjacent to the West Campus Chapel. The performance room, from which the sounds are heard, is adjacent to the Chronicle's photo room (the two rooms are separated by a door). At first, the music is clearly audible. Within the first few seconds, however, a staffer at the Chronicle shuts the door. This action is identifiable by... Read More
Sound recording of bicycle bell rung by Kwanza Hall on the Proctor Creek Greenway (PCG). Recorded with Zoom H6 recorder and Rode NTG2 shotgun condenser microphone. The bright, almost shrill chirp of the bell cuts through the otherwise serene soundscape of the PCG. Despite not conforming with the rest of the soundscape, however, it is nevertheless part of the welcoming culture of the PCG as it is the sound of multiple people and multiple methods of transportation interacting—it is the sound of a... Read More
The inside water recording is incredibly quiet, sounding like nothing more an a tiny trickle of water. Again, the small layer of water is enough to filter out the human voices, though.
Biddle's fountain was the only one on this page where distinct human influenced noise can be heard. Indistinguishable talking can be heard in the background. Also, the fountain sounds similar to some of the other insider water recordings on the page, but not the outside recordings on this page.