Sound recording on Zoom device explaining the hows and whys of audience participation in spoken word.
Sound recording of the audience at a rap concert responding in rhythm to a song; the performer purposefully omits a word, which the audience repeats to "fill in." Omitting a word, prompting the audience to fill in the empty space with that word, is a common technique used by musicians of many genres performing live to provide audience engagement. Recorded on a Zoom Microphone.
Sound recording on Zoom audio recorder of Destiny Hemphill performing spoken word poetry and receiving snaps from the audience as a form of appreciation.
This is the sound made when rewinding an audio cassette tape on the tape deck of a 3-cd disk changer stereo sound system. One can hear manual starting and stopping of the rewinding process by pushing down the rewind button with an index finger. This sound of rewinding (both starting and stopping it), is one that is unrelated to the type of music, audio-cassette, or material that can be transferred through this Sony playback system.
The creaking noise made by the pushing of the automatic handicap button for the women's restroom. Recorded on an Iphone 6 on a normal afternoon in a campus library.
Sound recording of a Georgia-Pacific Cormatic automatic paper towel dispenser (the standard model in bathrooms throughout the East Campus dormitories of Duke University). Recorded in a bathroom of Southgate Residence Hall on a Samsung Galaxy S5.
AquaVantage Zurn toilet
This is a recording of an automated toilet flushing. Since it was automated, there is no sound of a handle being pushed down. The recording was done in a public restroom in Cabell Library. The restroom was on the 2nd floor in the women's room and there were no other people or sounds in the bathroom at the time of the recording. I trimmed the recording a little in the beginning because it was silent while the motion activation was being set off. The toilet name is AquaVantage and the brand... Read More
A sound recording of a small stone avalanche.
11 month old baby girl babbling while standing playing with her mother.  Recorded with a Zoom H4N Pro audio recorder
Sound recording of a newborn child crying at various volumes and frequencies.
Recording of a person who was giving a speech, answering the questions what other people need, what they need, and what we all want - Justice.
Sound recording of a backpack opening, unpacking, packing and closing.