'W' Sounds

Sound recording of walking across a metal bridge of children's playground set. The bridge consists of separate panels connected together to form a loose bridge that swings and creaks as one walks across. Recorded with Zoom H4N.
A woman (myself) walking  on a nature trail in heavy rain boots.  It is Fall and the ground was covered with dried leaves from the surrounding trees, there is a road about 3/4 a mile away, no one else was on the trail at the time.  Recorded on a Zoom H4N Pro audio recording device.
Walking in heels on a tile floor, followed by a door shutting in a Virginia Commonwealth University Dorm. The heels responsible for the sound are Steve Madden knee high boots, the wide heel on the boot results in a deeper sound. Recorded on a Zoom H4n.
This is a sound recording of my friend Claudia (5'6") in 2 inch high heels walking in the resonant bathroom in Rhoads Hall residence building at VCU on a quiet Monday afternoon around 3pm.  It was recorded on a ZOOM H4N Pro audio recorder.
This sound is the sound recording of two females walking up a few stairs and then walking back down. This sound was recorded to be representative of the fact that our society does not realize how loud we can become with our walking and modes of transportation. These are stairs at Furman University, and students walk up and down stairs every day. You could even go as far to say that this could represent the fact that we take for granted how accessible everything is to us with the invention of... Read More
This is an audio recording of a Furman student walking through the tall grasses outside of North Village Housing on campus. It was recorded with an iPhone X.
Wall-E (2008), an animated feature film directed by Andrew Stanton, composed by Thomas Newman, and the primary sound designer was Ben Burtt. This sound sequence is from the ending scene when Eve tries to revive Wall-E. It contains the sound effects of Wall-E’s battery being charged, Wall-e’s movement, the robot bug, Eve’s voice, and a piece of music.
Short clip of a "warm" sounding bass guitar being played, where "warm" is a qualitative descriptor used in audio engineering and music production.
Sound recording of dishes being washed in the sink and put away while the faucet runs.
Sound of initial rinsing, scrubbing, and rinsing off of a pan in a kitchen sink. 
This is a recording of my friend washing her hands. It was done in the 2nd floor women's public restroom in Cabell Library. She pushes the soap dispenser, rubs the soap in, puts her hands under the automatic sink, then runs her hands under the water. Since the sink was automatic, there is no sound of a handle being turned on and off. There were no other people in the restroom at the time. The brand of sink is Zurn. The recording was done on an iPhone 5S.
This is the sound of a washing machine during the spin cycle. The recording device was sitting directly on the washing machine.